Subliminal Hacking
The Art and Science of Social Engineering



Ride the waves of sensation… Its all about anchoring

You know when you see an object, or hear a song and it instantly takes you back to a moment, and you begin to experience feelings and emotions as if you where re living it. This is essentially what anchoring is, and this is an ...
by Dale Pearson


Tweaking your Critical Factor … Understanding RAS

In previous posts (probably over a year ago now) I have spoken about this thing called the critical factor. In the hypnosis world this is the gatekeeper or firewall between your conscious and subconscious mind, helping to kee...
by Dale Pearson


Confirmation Bias … The Manipulation Assistant

I think most people would accept, that when it comes to building rapport and getting to a stage of some form of manipulation is normally always possible with anyone give a decent amount of time. This is great for making REAL fr...
by Dale Pearson