Subliminal Hacking
The Art and Science of Social Engineering



Subliminal Hacking at Hash Days 2011 … Swiss Security Conference

Hashdays is the premier technical security conference in the center of Switzerland organized by DEFCON Switzerland. During 4 days the center of Switzerland will become also the center of IT security knowledge transfer. On Octo...
by Dale Pearson


Cialdini’s 6 Rules of Influence.. Pick your weapon wisely

Robert Cialdini was a professor of psychology at Arizona State University until late 2009, when I believe he retired. So if you have not heard of this guy, I think your missing out on some valuable information. After many years...
by Dale Pearson


Elicitation … Its what you say and how you say it!

The dictionary defines Elicitation as bringing or drawing out information, or to call forth and provoke a desired reaction. Elicitation is a powerful tool to anyone looking to influence and gather information in a relatively lo...
by Dale Pearson