Want to learn the ways of a Master Manipulator?

To be an effective Social Engineer you need to understand multiple components to ensure you can effectively communicate, build rapid relationships, influence strongly and be able to mentally manoever when things get difficult. There is a lot of material available both in digital and paper form, sadly alot of it is a waste of money. Below is just a sample of some of the resources I value and have hand selected based on my studies. The list will be updated periodically.


Neuro Linguistic Programming


Persuasion and Influence

Body Language

Lock Picking


Social Engineering and Hacking


Head Hacking – This is the website of Anthony Jacquin a very experienced hypnotist. It was with Anthony’s training material and guidance that I first achieved success with hypnosis.

Hypnosis Without Trance – This is the website of James Tripp an experienced and knowledgable hypnotist. I attended a couple of James’s hypnosis courses and he transformed my approach to hypnosis, and it was from this I have created the hypnosis platform I apply today.


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