What is Subliminal Hacking?

Subliminal Hacking is dedicated to the Art and Science of Social Engineering. If you are searching for information on becoming a Master Manipulator, understanding how the human brain functions “and how its features can be exploited” this is the site for you. The aim of Subliminal Hacking is to help everyone understand how we are manipulated daily and all the skills and techniques used by the masters to influence us to reveal information. Social Engineers can better their skills to increase the realism and accuracy during an engagement, and everyone else gains awareness of how the bad guys go about their business.

Some of the topics you will discover will be on Persuasion and Influence Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Misdirection Techniques, Hypnosis and Mentalism to name a few. The site will also feature technical lists and how tos as appropriate.



Who is Dale Pearson?

Dale Pearson has an honours degree in Computer Science and started work in the IT industry in 1998 and has been focused on Information Security since 2004. He is the Director of a Global Red Team by day, and by night continues his research into the Art and Science of Social Engineering.

On occasion Dale has been told his varied interests and research are unusual, but they all lead to exposing him to knowledge, tools and techniques to be an effective and respected Social Engineer. He is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, studied Pick Pocket Techniques and has a healthy interest in Neuro Science, Mentalism and Psychology.


Embrace the ideas, challenge your beliefs and keep an open mind.

Questions, Suggestions and Curious Chatter all welcome.
So get in touch via dale [at] subliminalhacking.net or leave a comment on an appropriate post.

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