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Security Testing

Social Engineering Doesn’t Feature In Your Security Testing Strategy … Doing It Wrong!

Security maturity is an interesting thing, and something I am often discussing with those I work with as well as those at various companies in a wide range of industry sectors. Specifically I am mostly interested in the maturit...
by Dale Pearson


The Year Cyber Criminals Went Corporate … Infograph by ProofPoint

Its been a while, but great to see another great InfoGraph provided by ProofPoint. This one is related to their most recent report on The Human Factor and the ongoing threat of Social Engineering based techniques used by the ad...
by Dale Pearson


Maltego Transformtastic… Information Gathering Made Simple

So back on August 27th 2010 at 3:55am I had a great idea. I will do a quick video on Maltego basics Then nearly 5 years went by and I never got around to doing it, mainly intimidated by the awesome videos Paterva do themselves ...
by Dale Pearson



Quick Post – Subliminal Hacking IRC Channel

Quick post to say I have now registered the Subliminal Hacking IRC Channel on Freenode, for no other reason to create another space for people to chat and discuss content on the site. Drop by for a natter at #subliminal-hacking...
by Dale Pearson


How To Collaborate With Maltego … Rolling Your Own XMPP Server

* I started this post in Feb 2014 but it took me a while to actually finish it Aside from mentioning Maltego in my recommended OSINT Tools List, I have never gone into any detail about this awesome tool from Paterva. The main r...
by Dale Pearson