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November 7, 2010

Illusions… The magic key to understanding the mind

This is just a quick post this week as I am just back home to recover from an awesome trip to the Hash Days security conference.

I think its a pretty common understanding that even though we know alot about how are mind works, what its vulnerabilities are, and how we can possibly exploit them, we still have a long way to go. However, some scientists have started to look at magicians to help answer some of the questions. A magician is all about creating an illusion, making something see, hear or appear impossible, and some of the research looking at how these tricks work are starting to give some additional insight into how are mind is connected up and how are senses really work.

I watched a BBC programme the other week, that covered some of this research, and it was very interesting. One of the main guys involved is a guy called Beau Lotto, and he has some really interesting things to say and show us. There was also some insight in what its like to suffer from Synesthesia, which is where you have additional sensory input for things. Like does a letter have a colour associated, do you taste a number etc, its all very interesting stuff.

I encourage you to check out Beau’s site Lotto Lab, and read up a little on the Synesthesia, you will learn something, and maybe also pick up something amazing to impress your friends and family.

I have also included Beau’s talk at TED for your viewing / tasting pleasure 🙂

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