Subliminal Hacking
The Art and Science of Social Engineering



How To Crack WPS with Pixie Dust … Offline Attacking

In this post we are looking at how vulnerable WPS makes your Access Point. WiFi Protected Setup makes it nice and easy for you to connect to your wireless devices by using a simple pin number, instead of your hard to guess pass...
by Dale Pearson


Maltego Transformtastic… Information Gathering Made Simple

So back on August 27th 2010 at 3:55am I had a great idea. I will do a quick video on Maltego basics 🙂 Then nearly 5 years went by and I never got around to doing it, mainly intimidated by the awesome videos Paterva do themse...
by Dale Pearson


How To Collaborate With Maltego … Rolling Your Own XMPP Server

* I started this post in Feb 2014 but it took me a while to actually finish it 🙁 Aside from mentioning Maltego in my recommended OSINT Tools List, I have never gone into any detail about this awesome tool from Paterva. The m...
by Dale Pearson



Installing and Using GitRob … OSINT For GitHub

Always in search of new and interesting tools to speed up and improve Open Source Intelligence Gathering, I came across a nice little command like tool written in Ruby called GitRob by Michael Henriksen. Essentially what this t...
by Dale Pearson


How To Integrate Metasploit with BeEF … Browser Exploitation Framework

So the Browser Exploitation Exploitation Framework (BeEF) has some awesome exploitation modules of its own, but when you combine it with the added awesome sauce that is Metasploit you get to have even more fun. Its like a Socia...
by Dale Pearson