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July 24, 2016

Reality Bending … Online Hypnosis Training with James Brown

Subscribers and regular visitors to the blog will know I am a fan of hypnosis, and like most things I am passionate for I am always on the look out to discover new ways of doing things, gaining perspective of others and generally a healthy thirst for knowledge. You will of noticed I have purchased a few of James Brown products recently (specifically from the POWA range) and even though I have trained with James before I have never looked at his approach to hypnosis specifically, so when he released online hypnosis training material “Reality Bending” I was keen to check it out and at $147 USD I thought it could be reasonable value for money.

So in this post I will provide a general overview of the content as well as my conclusion and if I think its worth you spending the money if you have an interest in developing your hypnotic abilities.
If you don’t want to read and just get on with learning / seeing something, click the image at the end of the post and get access to a FREE video to learn the “Stuck” foot stick method.

For years we have studied and practiced hypnosis but never quite felt comfortable with the way it was explained.All the rituals seemed a little silly and never really explained what was happening. All the talk of putting people to sleep and entering their subconscious mind seemed, well, far fetched. Even when it worked (which it did!) the difference in others reaction was vast, and merely saying ‘some people can’t be hypnotised’ felt like a weak cop-out. We wanted something easy to understand.

In this training we will destroy the myths and kill the gods leaving you with a clear understanding of what’s really going on. From this simple foundational understanding we will teach you to create dramatic suggestions.

Introduction – As you would expect this covers a welcome section to introduce you to the principle and agenda of the training, James also provides some background on himself and personal usage of method and development, then we finish up by discussing the “conventional” perception of hypnosis and the methods considered by most to be the defacto approach. This section is about 15 minutes.

Foundations – In this section James sets out the approach that will be taken on the learning journey of the course, he then spends some time talking about suggestion and that essentially depending on the delivery and intent everything is / can be suggestion. Then we discuss fear and the various barriers people put in place as reasons why something cant be done or attempted. This section is about 45 minutes.

Ingredients – This portion of the training is broken up into 5 sections, and its through these sections that we start to cover the ingredients to James method of hypnosis, specifically around creating the belief and stimulating the imagination. This is a big portion of the substance to help you understanding the guiding principles of the hypnosis approach, its not a formula as such its more a capability to understand the recipe and adjusted flavourings you need for the various types of people you encounter. This section is about 60 minutes.

In the trenches – This is one of my favourite parts of the training and wish more people did this. This is various footage of the material being used in the real world, the successes but more importantly when things didn’t quite go as planned and how to handle these situations. So many people just want to show the polished material, but in a training context you need to see and understand everything, worts and all. This section is about 170 minutes.

Conclusion – To conclude the training James summaries the content covered, and also very briefly touches on the subject of safety. This section is about 10 minutes.

Bonus – As for this bonus material, I am not sure if everyone gets this or if its time dependant, but I have also seen some new material added since I first purchased the course (the joys of online content). In the bonus section James present the “Stuck” approach which you can view for FREE below, there is also footage of James presenting at the Change Phenomena Conference from back in 2010, along with some content from TedMed 2013 and a Berlin Magic Conference in 2015. Finally there are two extra new additions in my version, one is on self hypnosis and another on rapid inductions. Over 6 hours of bonus content.

So is it worth the money?? I think if your new to hypnosis and have only read some books and watched some videos on YouTube and are struggling then 1000% its money well spent and video format is really helpful to hone your technique and get out there and just do it. If your not new to hypnosis then perhaps you want learn something new if you think you know it all, but I still think its worth the money as you get additional perspective. Alot of what James covers in this course I would say is similar to my approach, but he broke some things down further and certainly got my cogs whirring into action in how I had assessed things before. Depending what side of the ocean you are on in this post Brexit economy this could be even more of a steal 🙂 If you do go ahead and make the purchase in the future please come back and leave a comment, was it great and informative or a total waste of money, I am always interested to hear what my readers think.

As mentioned earlier, if you what to wet your hypnotic whistle then check out the “Stuck” tutorial for FREE by clicking the image below. Thanks for reading, please like, share and subscribe I really appreciate it.


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    Dale Pearson
    has worked in IT since 1998, Infosec since 2004, and studied and performed hypnosis, mentalism etc since 2009. Dale is a full time Red Teamer with a love of social engineering and qualified hypnotherapist. He spends a great deal of time researching the various skills and techniques that make up the art and science of Social Engineering.


    1. Victor van Rij

      I read the article and did not have time to fully investigate what can be done by hypnosis. I am however wondering if some of the Microsoft scammers use some of the hypnotic techniques or tricks to persuade people (by phone) to open up their computer and banking account details to them. I found out that in some of these scams victims got quite irrational information and requests from the scammers that were accepted without critics during the scam process. After a more rational process where the scammers are acting like Microsoft professionals that persuade the victim to give remote access to victims computer, that otherwise will be crashed (by some Microsoft disaster) a far less rational phase follows, for instance “Microsoft checking out victims computer functioning by transfering a large amount to victims account- which leads to the opening of the account by the victim – than victim is asked to refund tis money – so revealing codes that are crucial for taking away money from victims account”‘. Victims only realize these irrationalities hours after the scams

    2. Prashant Tiwari

      Can you tell me which book I should read for this hypothesis learning

    3. Dale

      Many good books to help learn hypnosis.
      Check out Reality is Plastic by Anthony Jaquin.

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