Subliminal Hacking
The Art and Science of Social Engineering



Understanding Communication Styles … DiSC Profiling

I have mentioned DiSC profiles in the past, but never really given it much clarity on the blog. My reason for writing this is really due to some changes in approach from a management perspective, but they are equally beneficial...
by Dale Pearson

open door in a empty room

Doorways … The linking between your memory frames

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2015. I had planned to write about this last year (like many things planned ), however yesterday as I searched my house for something I suddenly remembered and thought I would do it as a 2...
by Dale Pearson


This or That … The Fatal Aggressive Close

Influence and or manipulation is always an interesting topic, and we may often ask ourselves why we came to the conclusion that made us act in a certain way. In the past I have spoken about how we can do the mini brain buffer o...
by Dale Pearson



Now you see it, now you dont … Change Blindness

Change blindness is an interesting natural phenomena every human experiences on a pretty regular basis, but what is it exactly? Essentially its our inability to spot obvious changes that occur around us. There has been a fair...
by Dale Pearson


Derren Brown Apocalypse … Fake or Real … My Opinion

I should start this post by saying that I am a huge Derren Brown fan, so I am probably commenting from a biased / rose tinted view but I am certainly trying not to when I share my views on Derren’s latest TV offering Apoc...
by Dale Pearson