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July 16, 2011

Social Engineering 101 Workshop … Hash Days 2011 Lucerne Switzerland

This year I have the honour of giving a workshop at Hash Days 2011 in Lucerne Switzerland. The course will run on the 26th and 27th October 2011, coffee breaks, snacks and lunch will be provided, all located at the Radisson Blu in Lucerne. All attendees will receive full copies of the workshop slides including notes, and will have the opportunity to have 1 to 1 discussions with myself to discuss other related workshop topics that they would like more information on.


Registration is now open, so CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Course Details :

Overview :
All  organizations  have  one  vulnerability  in  common  and  that’s  the  staff.  People  are  valuable  in
making  an  organization  function  but  sadly  the  wetware  is  vulnerable  to  attack.  In  this  course  we
will  look  at  how  to  exploit  those  vulnerabilities.  Attendees  will  cover  the  fundamentals  required
on  a  social  engineering  engagement,  such  as  the  approval  and  planning  stages,  information
gathering  and  execution.  However,  the  main  focus  of  the  course  will  be  the  subliminal  hacking
skills. Â Ã‚  In  this  course,  we  understanding  how  the  mind  works  and  why  it’s  vulnerable,  and  how  to
exploit  it  as  well  as  how  language  is  a  powerful  influencer.  Body  language  will  also  be  discussed,
how  to  read  it  and  use  to  our  advantage,  as  well  as  how  to  build  and  operate  a  successful  pretext.
The  subject  of  ethics  is  often  raised  in  connection  with  many  manipulation  techniques,  so  we
shall  also  touch  upon  this,  as  well  as  how  you  can  reduce  the  risk  of  being  social  engineered
yourself  or  your  company.  We  will  also  cover  useful  tools  for  information  gathering,  as  well  as
handy  equipment  whilst  on  the  job,  this  course  is  not  intended  to  teach  you  how  to  run  ports
scans,  exploit  application  vulnerabilities  and  drop  shell,  its  about  how  to  hack  the  mind  and
influence  the  situation  to  your  meet  your  goal.
You  do  NOT  need  any  previous  experience  to  Social  Engineering  or  Penetration  Testing.  If  you
have  thirst  for  knowledge  and  an  open  mind  to  new  possibilities  this  course  is  for  you.
Learning  Objectives:

  • What  is  social  engineering
  • Authorization  and  Scoping  Documents
  • Information  Gathering  Techniques
  • Engagement  Methodology
  • Reporting
  • Mind  /  Brain  Vulnerabilities
  • Psychological  Approach
  • Linguistics  /  NLP  /  Hypnosis
  • Body  Language  /  Micro  Expressions
  • Elicitation  /  Rapport
  • Persuasion  /  Influence  /  Manipulation
  • Pretexting  –  Being  THE  social  engineer
  • Engagement  mediums  –  Phone  /  Email  /  Face  2  Face
  • Ethical  and  Moral  Concerns
  • Handling  Failure
  • Social  Engineering  Risk  Reduction
  • Defense  Strategies  for  your  Business
  • Tooling  for  the  job

Who  Should  Attend: 

  • Pen-­-testers  who  want  to  get  into  Social  Engineering
  • Anyone  who  is  responsible  for  Information  Security
  • Anyone  who  is  curious  in  learning  techniques  to  influence
  • Company  personnel  responsible  for  security  awareness

Hardware  Requirements: Â 

  • Laptop  (Netbooks  not  preferred)
  • Windows  OS  (Physical  or  VM)
  • Ability  to  run  VM’s  (VM  Player,  etc)


Dale Pearson

Bio: Dale Pearson is a passionate Information Security Professional with over 8 year’s experience in IT security, and over 12 years in the IT Industry. He has been exposed to and works in a wide range of security areas, such as security and risk consulting, policy and compliance, penetration testing, social engineering, forensics, incident response, and awareness training. Dale is the founder of where he blogs about social engineering, hypnosis, and other skills to improve success as a social engineer. He is also one of the hosts of the Eurotrash Security Podcast

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    Dale Pearson
    has worked in IT since 1998, Infosec since 2004, and studied and performed hypnosis, mentalism etc since 2009. Dale is a full time Red Teamer with a love of social engineering and qualified hypnotherapist. He spends a great deal of time researching the various skills and techniques that make up the art and science of Social Engineering.


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