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The Year Cyber Criminals Went Corporate … Infograph by ProofPoint

Its been a while, but great to see another great InfoGraph provided by ProofPoint. This one is related to their most recent report on The Human Factor and the ongoing threat of Social Engineering based techniques used by the ad...
by Dale Pearson


91% Of All Attacks Attributable to Spear Phishing … Infograph by ProofPoint

I just received an email from Proofpoint, and its another one of their great Infographs. This is a great Infograph re-enforcing the fact that it only takes a single breach for the cost to be significant. Not surprisingly the in...
by Dale Pearson


Longlining … The 2013 Social Engineering Threat

I came across another great InfoGraph today from proofpoint on “Longlining” and I thought I would share it. This approach uses more targeted phishing emails along with various techniques in an attempt to avoid detec...
by Dale Pearson