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Reality Bending … Online Hypnosis Training with James Brown

Posted  July 24, 2016  by  Dale Pearson

Subscribers and regular visitors to the blog will know I am a fan of hypnosis, and like most things I am passionate for I am always on the look out to discover new ways of doing things, gaining perspective of others and generally a healthy thirst for knowledge. You will of noticed I have purchased […]

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Secrets of PickPocketing … Online Training with The Professional Opportunist

Posted  March 11, 2016  by  Dale Pearson

Back in October 2012 I attended a Pickpocket Training Day with Professional Opportunist James Brown, and I blogged about it on this site here. It was a great session and many people have asked me about it, but not everyone has the time to travel, or may have logistical and financial constraints based on geographical […]

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Faking It To Make It … Fake Data Generation Recommendations List

Posted  July 17, 2015  by  Dale Pearson

Depending on your history and how you got into InfoSec you may or may not of been exposed to the world of developer testing, if you did I am sure you have many unhappy memories of arguing why “real” data should not be used in the testing world, and if like me you have horror […]

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Social Engineering

91% Of All Attacks Attributable to Spear Phishing … Infograph by ProofPoint

Posted  December 11, 2013  by  Dale Pearson

I just received an email from Proofpoint, and its another one of their great Infographs. This is a great Infograph re-enforcing the fact that it only takes a single breach for the cost to be significant. Not surprisingly the information shows that 91% of All Attacks have some form of phishing attribution, and 95% of […]

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Subliminal Hacking

Wasting Time With The PC Wizard Scammers … Fixing The Problems You Never Knew You Had

Posted  November 20, 2013  by  Dale Pearson

So its a cold Monday morning in November 2013 and the phone rings, who could this be? Sadly its not someone calling me to tell me there are millions of pounds to be had if I can just send some money over, instead it turns out I have computer issues, but the friendly certified Microsoft […]

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Body Talk.. Kick off your dancing shoes

The human body is a wonderful thing, I admit some more wonderful than others, but I digress. We all give of subtle signals, cues and tells. These are subconsciously taken in, but consciously we are not always aware of what is h...
by Dale Pearson


Head Hacker Speaking at BruCon 2010.. Belgium Security Conference

BruCON is an annual security and hacker(*) conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on s...
by Dale Pearson


Hypnosis.. The No FAIL Protocol

Earlier on in the year I attended the Blackpool Magic Convention, it was a great event and I met some great hypnotists and magicians. Whilst I was there I was introduced to a guy called James Tripp. James came across as a nice ...
by Dale Pearson



NLP Patterns… Not quite needle work and stitching

We have had our brief introduction to NLP, buts now lets give you some patterns you can try out and put to good use. I will point out that many NLP patterns seem very simple, but you need to remember they are all words we are f...
by Dale Pearson



Building Rapport and getting Buy In… Simples

Everything related to social engineering, and the various skills we have discussed all need a foundation to work from to give us the influencing power we need to have the victim / subject doing our deeds. So how do we set-up th...
by Dale Pearson