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Faking It To Make It … Fake Data Generation Recommendations List

Posted  July 17, 2015  by  Dale Pearson

Depending on your history and how you got into InfoSec you may or may not of been exposed to the world of developer testing, if you did I am sure you have many unhappy memories of arguing why “real” data should not be used in the testing world, and if like me you have horror […]

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Social Engineering

91% Of All Attacks Attributable to Spear Phishing … Infograph by ProofPoint

Posted  December 11, 2013  by  Dale Pearson

I just received an email from Proofpoint, and its another one of their great Infographs. This is a great Infograph re-enforcing the fact that it only takes a single breach for the cost to be significant. Not surprisingly the information shows that 91% of All Attacks have some form of phishing attribution, and 95% of […]

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Subliminal Hacking

Wasting Time With The PC Wizard Scammers … Fixing The Problems You Never Knew You Had

Posted  November 20, 2013  by  Dale Pearson

So its a cold Monday morning in November 2013 and the phone rings, who could this be? Sadly its not someone calling me to tell me there are millions of pounds to be had if I can just send some money over, instead it turns out I have computer issues, but the friendly certified Microsoft […]

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OSINT Tools … Recommendations List

Posted  December 27, 2012  by  Dale Pearson

Free OSINT Tools. With the New Year fast approaching I thought now would be a great time to post the first draft of some recommended Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering tools and resources. I will look to maintain this list overtime and have it grow, so if you come across something you think should be […]

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Derren Brown Apocalypse … Fake or Real … My Opinion

Posted  November 1, 2012  by  Dale Pearson

I should start this post by saying that I am a huge Derren Brown fan, so I am probably commenting from a biased / rose tinted view but I am certainly trying not to when I share my views on Derren’s latest TV offering Apocalypse. So the reason for this quick post is a few […]

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Invest in the Community…Schuyler Towne and Open Locksport

One of the best thing about the InfoSec community is the people. Sure like everywhere there are the idiots, big headed know it alls, and the leachers, but in general we are a supportive bunch, and happy to share. So this brings...
by Dale Pearson


Subjects lend me your ears… Especially the right one!

Language and communication is of great importance when it comes to manipulation as part of social engineering, or any situation where you want to try and get your way. So it would be interesting to learn that your double your c...
by Dale Pearson


Head Hacker Speaking at Excaliburcon 2010… China Security Conference

In the autumn of 2009, Excalibur Conference 1.0 won great success in Wuxi. The conference invited some of the most respected experts in the world and delivered terrific speeches, breakouts, demos and competitions. We are honore...
by Dale Pearson



Head Hacker Speaking at Hash Days 2010… Switzerland Security Conference

Hashdays – the premier technical security conference in the center of Switzerland organized by DEFCON Switzerland. During 4 days the center of Switzerland will become also the center of IT security knowledge transfer. On ...
by Dale Pearson



Phenomena Activity… Hypno on Camera

So this post is abit late in the week, but I have been busy with work, as well as continual tweaking of the presentation I am working, and helping people to experience hypnosis. So due to the time constraints I have opted to po...
by Dale Pearson