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Longlining … The 2013 Social Engineering Threat

I came across another great InfoGraph today from proofpoint on “Longlining” and I thought I would share it. This approach uses more targeted phishing emails along with various techniques in an attempt to avoid detec...
by Dale Pearson


Playing Nicely with Scammers … Wasting their time for giggles :)

So I am in the business of social engineering people (with authorisation of course), and depending on who you speak to this could be interpreted as scamming, conning, or generally straight up manipulation. The reason I do this ...
by Dale Pearson


Human Phishing … Playing the Odds

Happy Easter everyone, I have some spare time so I thought I would put fingers to keyboard and put a blog post out I have had on my mind for the last month. Even though I plan to post every month, life with a little one and bus...
by Dale Pearson