Subliminal Hacking
The Art and Science of Social Engineering



Setting your motivation… Mind Scripts

Getting into character is an important part of being successful on a social engineering engagement. You may be physically impersonating a sales guy, engineer, employee, or you may be carrying out your fiendish work remotely gat...
by Dale Pearson


Sub Zero Mind Reading.. The Art of Cold Reading

I know what your thinking! See what I did there 🙂 Seriously though this post is going to give you a little insight into cold reading, what its all about, a few facts and some ideas how you might want to put this skill to goo...
by Dale Pearson


Derren Brown’s Enigma… Awesome Show!!

Last night I went to see Derren Brown’s Enigma show at the Alexandra Theater in Birmingham. Its not surprise that I am a huge fan of his work, hes a great manipulator and performer. The show was excellent, I really enjoye...
by Dale Pearson



Ride the waves of sensation… Its all about anchoring

You know when you see an object, or hear a song and it instantly takes you back to a moment, and you begin to experience feelings and emotions as if you where re living it. This is essentially what anchoring is, and this is an ...
by Dale Pearson


Gaining Access.. As easy as abracadabra, alakazam

Some of you may have gathered by now, as well as infosec, social engineering, and hypnosis, I am also interested in abit of trickery pokery, magic. In recent months I was asked to carry out an impromptu social engineering exerc...
by Dale Pearson